Facetrampling, Hand Trampling, Jumping, High Heels, Double Trampling, BBW Trampling and more
19 16
2 Femdom Top 100
Femdom Top 100
Femdom Top 100
19 21
3 Couching Club
Couching Club
The Place where Girls can seat and stand
15 7
4 Hot Femdom Clips
Hot Femdom Clips
Hot girls dominating their mostly males slaves with various femdom techniques, such as facesitting, trampling or foot worship
15 6
5 Femdom Fetish
Femdom Fetish
All free femdom and fetish galleries - Facesitting, Trampling, Foot Fetish and more
14 8
The sadistic sisters Layla and Jane dominate and humiliate their pathetic male slaves. They trample, punish, facesit them until they are begging for their mercy
13 6
7 Spitting Girls
Spitting Girls
Hot and sexy Spitting Girls - POV Spitting - Spit
13 7
8 Baroness Mistress
Baroness Mistress
Baroness Mistress
13 7
9 - Finde deine Herrin, Sklave! - Finde deine Herrin, Sklave!
Finde die strengsten und atemberaubendsten MoneyDoms in unserem Verzeichnis - freier Zugang ohne Anmeldung, freie Bilder und Sofort-Kontakt.
13 18
10 Financial Domination Clips
Financial Domination Clips
These cruel money mistresses only want your money - money you worked hard for and which is now used to pamper these hot chicks.
12 6
11 POV Femdom - Girls dominating and humiliating YOU
POV Femdom - Girls dominating and humiliating YOU
Merciless mistresses giving you all kinds of orders and dominate or humiliate you - playing with their new slave toy
12 6
12 Foot Worship Femdom
Foot Worship Femdom
Hot girls make their slave worship their feet. The slaves have to lick, kiss and smell their feet.
11 8
13 BBW Facesitting
BBW Facesitting
Mercyless BBW dominatrixes sitting on their slaves face - smothering them and crushing their faces under large butts
11 6
14 Hard Strangling
Hard Strangling
Merciless Girls strangling and choking their male victims. These weak males have no chance and no right to breath if their mistresses dont approve
11 7
15 Spitting Femdom Clips
Spitting Femdom Clips
These hot dominant girls spit right into their loser slaves faces. They force them to drink their spit or spit on the floor and force them to suck the spit from the floor.
11 6
16 Car Crush Club
Car Crush Club
Where beautiful girls crush stuff with their cars
10 8
17 Pedal Pumping Club
Pedal Pumping Club
See beautiful girls pumping the pedals
10 6
9 6
19 Boots Fetish
Boots Fetish
Beautiful girls and mistresses showing their hot boots and use them to dominate their weak male slaves
9 8
20 Crush Fetish Videos
Crush Fetish Videos
These hot dominant girls use their hot feet and asses to crush everything to tiny pieces. They show no mercy and ignore how much the items are worth.
9 6
21 Riding Girls
Riding Girls
Riding Girls - Pony Play - Human Ponies
9 6
22 Footgirl Nadine
Footgirl Nadine
Do love feet and sexy footwear? Me and my Ex boyfried made cool footfetish pictures and movies. He was a footlover and may be you will be my next :)
8 7
23 Piss Chicks
Piss Chicks
Piss Chicks
8 9
24 Look my shoes
Look my shoes
Look at girls well worn shoes - you can see every detail of the soles and the inner shoes!
8 8
25 Spitting Clips
Spitting Clips
Beautiful girls spitting on their male victims faces and even into their mouth - totally humiliating them
8 7
26 Extreme Fetish Clips
Extreme Fetish Clips
The hottest and most extreme Femdom Clips
7 5
27 Hot Ballbusting Girls
Hot Ballbusting Girls
Hot girls kicking, beating and hurting their slaves balls hard
6 9
28 Best Clip Stores
Best Clip Stores
Best Clip Stores
6 10
Big, Beautiful and dominant. A cute big girl shows her world!
6 7
30 Cuckold Femdom
Cuckold Femdom
Cruel mistresses abuse their cuckold slaves
5 7
31 Sexy Foot Fetish Girls
Sexy Foot Fetish Girls
Sexy girls showing you their hot feet
5 10
32 Spit Fetish
Spit Fetish
The blog for your spitting fetish needs
5 7
33 Spitting Bitches
Spitting Bitches
Spitting Bitches
5 6
34 Facesitting Top 100
Facesitting Top 100
Facesitting Top 100
5 18
35 Femdom Hypnosis
Femdom Hypnosis
All about beautiful girls hypnotizing male slaves.
4 7
36 Ballbusting Femdom
Ballbusting Femdom
Hot girls kicking and abusing male balls
4 9
37 Girls Spitting
Girls Spitting
All about beautiful spitting girls and girls dominating men with their devine spit
4 6
38 Facesitting Mania
Facesitting Mania
Hot girls facesitting their male slaves with no mercy. The slaves get smothered under hot asses.
4 7
39 Domme MATURE In Retro S t o c k i n g s
Domme MATURE In Retro S t o c k i n g s
My mistress Alice - pretty milf in sexy lingerie and vintage stockings
4 19
4 16
41 Strangling Femdom
Strangling Femdom
Hot girls strangle and choke their slaves
4 8
42 DOMINA Fuss-Video
DOMINA Fuss-Video
Dominas zeigen dir ihre Fuss Videos oder erziehen dich online zum Fußsklaven
4 6
43 BDSM and FemDom
BDSM and FemDom
All Dominations and humiliations
4 6
44 My Asshole Made For Strapon
My Asshole Made For Strapon
I am crossdressed sissy. I love when Domme Fuck my Ass
4 7
45 Fetish Updates
Fetish Updates
daily fetish updates
4 8
46 Best Foot Domination
Best Foot Domination
All about girls dominating their male slaves with their feet - they trample them, make them worship their feet or just make them smell their feet
4 9
47 FacesittingFemdom
Facesitting Femdom Clips
4 6
48 Femdom Fetish Videos
Femdom Fetish Videos
All about beautiful girls dominating their slaves
4 10
49 Asian Femdom
Asian Femdom
All about hot asian mistresses dominating their submissive slaves with all kinds of femdom action.
3 10
50 Foot Slave
Foot Slave
All about foot slaves serving their mistresses
3 7
51 POV Femdom Clips
POV Femdom Clips
Cruel doms and hot chicks dominate and humiliate YOU
3 6
52 Under Her Butt
Under Her Butt
Under Her Butt
3 19
53 Dirty Feet Femdom
Dirty Feet Femdom
Male slaves licking and cleaning dirty feet
3 9
54 Chastity Femdom
Chastity Femdom
Hot chicks are in control of your dick and your mind
3 7
55 Brutal CBT Femdom
Brutal CBT Femdom
Cock and Ball Torture
3 6
56 Toiletten Sex Videos
Toiletten Sex Videos
Harte, versaute Extrem Videos
3 8
57 Facesitting Mistresses
Facesitting Mistresses
All about beautiful girls sitting their slaves faces. They sit on their slaves faces as well frontal as reverse - full weight of course!
3 6
58 Femdom Latex
Femdom Latex
3 7
59 Best Femdom Clips
Best Femdom Clips
The Femdom & Fetish Tube - find clips of all your favourite femdom niches here
3 7
60 Facesitting Queening
Facesitting Queening
All about beautiful girls smothering guys under their asses
3 6
61 Hard Femdom
Hard Femdom
Beautiful mistresses torturing their male slaves with facesitting, trampling, foot worship, humiliation and more
3 6
62 Marissa's Fetish Clips
Marissa's Fetish Clips
Madame Marissa's hot fetish & femdom clips
3 5
63 Best Mixed Wrestling
Best Mixed Wrestling
These hot dominant girls wrestle their male opponents down at ease - showing them who is really in charge here. The guys have no chance!
3 5
64 Ferro Fetish
Ferro Fetish
Pantyhose, Stockings, Feet, Strapon, Crossdressers and other fetishes
3 6
65 Lady Lilu
Lady Lilu
Lady Lilu
3 15
66 Humiliation Videos
Humiliation Videos
Hot girls humiliating pathetic male slaves
2 7
67 Video de dominatrice
Video de dominatrice
Des clips des ma
2 6
68 Kinky Facesitting
Kinky Facesitting
Dominant facesitting girls smother their slaves
2 9
69 Kinky Femdom Blog
Kinky Femdom Blog
Beautiful mistresses torture their male slaves with all kinds of femdom techniques
2 5
70 Kinky Foot Worship Blog
Kinky Foot Worship Blog
Sexy Ladies getting their feet worshipped
2 7
71 Female Domination Clips
Female Domination Clips
Sexy girls and mistresses dominating male slaves
2 7
72 Pedal Pumping Feet
Pedal Pumping Feet
The engine streght under the control of sexy female feet
2 4
73 Kinky Femdom Clips
Kinky Femdom Clips
Kinky and hard femdom clips
2 7
74 Crush Fetish
Crush Fetish
Hot girls satisfy your crush fetish needs
2 5
75 spanking4you
Submissive men and female subjects, we love spanking !
2 6
76 Foot Domination Clips
Foot Domination Clips
Slaves get dominated by sexy female feet
2 3
77 The Femdom Blog
The Femdom Blog
The Femdom Blog
2 7
78 Facesitting Slave
Facesitting Slave
Sexy girls using male slaves as their human seats
2 7
79 Nude Facesitting
Nude Facesitting
Hot mistresses sitting on their slaves faces naked
2 6
80 Femdom Insider
Femdom Insider
Your source for quality dominance and submission videos and pictures featuring the kinkiest mistresses on the web.
2 7
81 Goddess Femdom
Goddess Femdom
Strict goddesses rule over their slaves
2 7
82 Humiliation Femdom
Humiliation Femdom
Hot mistresses humiliate you and their slaves
2 6
83 Brutal Faceslapping
Brutal Faceslapping
Vicious mistresses slap their slaves faces hard.
2 2
84 We Dominate You
We Dominate You
We Dominate You
2 6
85 New Femdom Clips
New Femdom Clips
Get your new and hot femdom clips now
2 7
86 HumiliationPOV
Spoiled Bratty Girls Humiliate YOU Loser!
2 5
Kiss, lick and worship the good worn shoes of your Ladies
2 7
88 NEW-LeatherDomina
Over 35,000 original images and videos. Sadism, fetish, female dominance, torture, bondage.
2 9
Whatever your foot fantasy is you will find it on Czech Soles! Domination, smelling, tickling, sexy sweaty soles and much more. Great camera angles, 3 times a week updates, high resolution and quality - that's!
2 8
90 Wamboots
Wamboots is the idea of getting wet and messy with your boots on
2 6
91 S t r a p-on Education
S t r a p-on Education
Now my comfortable asshole always ready for mistress`s strap-on
2 6
92 Facesitting Queens
Facesitting Queens
The Queens need a sit!
2 8
Big beautyful dominant Ladies torturing their slaves under their immense weight!
2 9
94 Crush Top
Crush Top
Crush Top Sites
1 7
95 Faceslapping Mistress
Faceslapping Mistress
Cruel mistresses slapping their slaves faces
1 7
96 Best Femdom Reviews
Best Femdom Reviews
You can find the best femdom websites here - reviewed honestly by our experienced femdom-loving writers
1 6
97 Dominatrix Clips
Dominatrix Clips
Hot dominatrixes torture their slaves in these clips
1 1
the famous mistress is back
1 6
99 My Femdom Clips
My Femdom Clips
Hot dominant chicks torturing their male slaves
1 5
Mature Dominas torturing and humiliating their male slaves
1 6
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